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GWU OPOs 355nm pumped

nsec-OPOs have been offered by GWU-Lasertechnik Vertriebsges.mbH since 1989.


Start of the series was a manually operated broadband OPO based on the non-linear material BBO. It was the first commercial BBO-OPO worldwide. In the subsequent years GWU's OPO family developped and grew to one of the most complete product lines in this sector of technology.


The GWU-OPO family is well suited for customers that cannot tolerate storing, handling or disposing of dyes and represents a clean, eco friendly solution to their spectroscopic needs.

The OPOs are very easy to use and are very robust in design. The designed pump fluence for these OPOS is very low than competitive designs. This ensures a longer life of the BBO and all optics.


All OPOs can be motorized and computer controlled by optional motors. Various scan options, motorized crystal change in premiScan, automatic wavelength calibration together with the lambda-control-unit, as well as full control of the doubler and mixer unit including crystal and PB prism control scan be performed under computer control.


GWU offer OPOs pumped by 1064 nm, 532 nm and 355 nm.


The 355nm pumped OPOs have the widest tuning range.



ultra-compact, broadband BBO-OPO for manual tuning
options: broadband, broadband high efficiency


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5TH Generation of BBO-OPOs now available
“primoScan OPO series”

These efficient high energy nanosecond OPOs are tunable from 192nm -2750nm. This best-in-class fully automated OPO delivers high efficiencies throughout the entire tuning range with repetition rates from 10 Hz to 50Hz.

The primoScan includes fast wavelength switching and the ability to easily access all tunable beams from one single port.


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532nm pumed OPO


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